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holey moley. Has it really been 2 months since I last blogged? Gah. I always think about it, and mean to, but then things like this happen...

...you know, life. And yes, I realize a lot of pictures I have of Abby are of her eating... but if you could see how MUCH she enjoys eating... well, here you go. Abby and daddy eating frozen blueberries. And my fantastic videotaking abilities. :)

(hopefully this works)

It's a good thing I don't have many crises or issues to blog about that often. I am blessed with a healthy almost 2 year old (gulp!) that I get to have adventures with. She is so smart and funny and I am so proud to be her mama. 

So maybe I'll blog again soon, and it might be another month or two. But I hope you're having fun, too. Thanks for checking in on us.

Kim and Abby

thought provoking...

My goal is to embody this:

If I had my child to raise over again,


I'd finger paint more, and point the finger less.


I'd do less correcting, and more connecting.


I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.


I would care to know less, and know to care more.


I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.


I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play.


I'd run through more fields, and gaze at more stars.


I'd do more hugging, and less tugging.


I would be firm less often, and affirm much more.


I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later.


I'd teach less about the love of power,


And more about the power of love.

From 100 Ways to Build Self-Esteem & Teach Values by Diana Loomans

Milestones and Miscellaneous

The past weeks have been flying by. Abigail is 20 months now, and this is an incredibly FUN age. She is starting to communicate well. We still work on sign language, which she picks up really quickly, and her vocabulary is astonishing. "More cheese" was her first two word sentence a couple weeks ago. Logan and I figure she knows how to say around 100 words, and understands a lot more than that. Incredible.

We have some big news, too... Abby is in a big girl bed now. She toppled out of her crib and landed on her forehead, and after that we decided to try changing it. We were given a crib when she was born that has one side that can be removed, so she is now sleeping in a three sided bed. She's fallen out once, but we put cushions on the floor so she wasn't injured, or even really awoken (is that a word??). Twice she's been on the floor - once trying to get under the area rug as a blanket, and once just curled up on the cushions.  It's a wonderful event when she wakes up. She used to immediately scream bloody murder when she woke up, but now she hops out of bed and comes wandering into our bedroom with her blankie. We put the baby gate at the end of the hall, so the only place she can wander is in her room or into ours. She's been sleeping thru the night all night, and  although I am a little melancholy she's growing up so fast, I love who she's turning into and the milestones she's hitting.

Another piece of news - we have more teeth!!! Abby started drooling around 3 months old, and has had a perpetually wet shirt ever since. She popped four front teeth eventually, and her four molars. Then everything stopped. For months. She has the appetite of a toddler with all of her teeth, and get frustrated when she can't take big bites like she wants to or can't eat what she wants to. So we were excited to see that the drooling increased, and teeth are coming through. So far it's just two more front teeth, one on top and bottom, which means she'll have three front teeth each on top and bottom. Rather lopsided, but her gums are swollen and she's chewing on her hands like crazy, so I think they rest will come thru shortly.

We have stopped nursing almost entirely. We struggled so much in the early days with supply and pain and it was tempting to give up. I am so proud that we made it for as long as we did. I think we have a strong bond due to it.

I am fascinated by who Abby is developing into. She is a fun loving, kind, energetic little girl. She loves her daddy so much, and they have a special nighttime routine (Goodnight Moon and cuddling on the couch) that is heartwarming. She is gregarious and interested in everything. She is still learning coping skills, and I have seen a couple of awe-inspiring tantrums (luckily, none in public). She's had time outs in the corner, and they are pretty effective as she does not like sitting by herself and not being able to talk or play. Overall, however, she is obedient and is learning her chores (picking up after herself, putting away toys, etc.).

I'm hoping to update a little more frequently so that there are more event specific blogs, rather than just an overall glance, but it's hard to find the time to sit and blog. Maybe in the mornings when Abby is watching Seasame St or Curious George (yep, we're a tv family, along with Abby's videos of Pooh and Elmo).

And a quick catch up since the beginning of the year...

You're leaving me New Years Eve??

More to come soon. Off to a playdate. Why is this underlined? :)

Gearing up for the New Year

Welcome, 2009!! I am glad to see you and am excited for the changes/improvements that are going to happen this year.

-We are working on getting completely out of consumer debt this year. This has been a long road, as Logan and I did not see eye-to-eye when we got married regarding debt. He HATES it and I had the idea that debt would always be with me, and I wasn't willing to "let it ruin my life". I wanted to play and travel and buy things, and pay the minimum on the debt, since I would always be saddled by it. Basically, having the debt kept me from doing the things I want to do, and prevented me from having a closer relationship with my husband. Long story short, I can now see the wisdom of the man God blessed me with, and we have the same goals. I have been shouldering the same $$ around for years... it is a burden and unwelcome. We are in a good place, as my small business is growing (against the odds of a poor economy... being able to accept insurance helps!) and Logan's job is secure. I am working on a monthly budget. Beans and rice and TVP isn't romantic, but being out of debt is, so it's a small (temporary) price to pay.

We are big fans of Dave Ramsey too, and he has a lot of helpful hints from a Christ-centered perspective on living debt free.

Part of the plan is a budget. Often money gets frittered away on a new outfit for Abby, or an extra large coffee (or two), or 'gee-gaws and hickafrazz' (Logan's terms for candles and cutesy little home things). Sometimes I look back at the end of the month, and I have 100's of dollars unaccounted for. Sometimes I give in to the euphoria of buying something new, sometimes I get something without price shopping first, sometimes I feel down or overwhlemed or tired and a little pick me up at the store is exactly what I "need". I think there is room for all of this, but it has to be accounted for. There's no problem with hitting Starbucks every day, as long as there is money for that treat. (well, except my drink of choice probably has a lot of calories and fat in it. so that's a bit of a problem, but I digress...). Logan and I have talked extensively before about how much we want for mad money, how much for household, etc. I'm looking forward to learning to live within the budget. Being frugal can be fun. I enjoy price shopping and seeing how I can make a meal for cheap. Abby has more than enough clothes (more than Logan and I put together!), new shoes, and tons of toys that I am rotating, so she always has new ones to play with. I sent Logan to Costco and he bought a huge bag of coffee beans, and I bought flavored creamer on sale and froze it (it actually unfreezes great!). I play the Grocery Game using coupons and look forward to seeing how much I can save every month. When I was doing it seriously before Abby was born, one month I spent $150 and saved over $400 using coupons. Logan loves a stocked pantry and I like the savings. :)
Anyway, I think we are set. I need to be vigilant about not going out and spending money just because I am bored or we need out of the house. I live 1/2 mile away from an awesome library and a super kids play area; we can walk there and Abby can play.

I was thinking about this tonight, and I think one of the main reasons my mindset has changed regarding debt is that I really want to be a role model in every area of my life for Abby. If she grows up in a family that is debt free and uses money as a tool, instead of being used by money, I think she will be well ahead of the game when she gets older and goes to college/starts her own family. Plus, the idea of not having to have "The Talk" about money anymore with Logan makes me giddy.

-I am getting fit again. I (mostly) ran a 1/2 marathon last April, and was walking 10 miles 3x a week. I haven't walked much since the weather turned yucky. I just feel better when I have exercised. Abby loves getting out too. I got my ends cut off my hair, so it's more manageable and pretty. I am 90% sure I am a sugar addict. I am working on figuring out how to live 2009 in a way that glorifies God and takes care of my body.

-Working on our garage. We have an awesome garage (900 sf!) and I am excited about organizing it. Putting up shelves and hanging hooks for the bikes and buckets for clothes Ab has outgrown. There is a lot to get done, but there is even more potential. It will be like having an addition to our house. I'm looking forward to it.

There's always more to talk about, but it's hard to put it out in internetland. For now, I think I'll leave you with a few pics of the cutest girl in the world.

With her mama on Christmas day wearing our new hats from Daddy!

Happy New Year!!

Kim and Abby

p.s. if you have new year resolutions or goals/dreams/plans, I'd love to hear 'em!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

...since we are snowed in!

We have about  inches, with a forecast of 3-4 more tonight. Flights are canceled and my family isn't done Christmas shopping yet. I made a few prezzies, but will have to wait until after Christmas to post pics.

Since we are house bound, we played out in the snow a little bit. Logan took care of her today for me, so I could focus on getting gifts done. He found the secret to Abby sleeping 2 hours at every nap and all night long - stuffing her full of food. Seriously, she eats almost as much as I do. Cheese and banana and crackers and a baby sized thing of vegetable beef (ew) and some of my lasagna and grapes and a cookie... geesh!

Out in the snow today. Abby stood there most of the time, squealing if she started to tip over. She does not like her hands in the snow. Guess  I don't blame her!

(yes, I realize there is dog rear in the pic)

Yesterday in the sun

More pics to come tomorrow, I'm sure. :)

Kim and Abigail

Hello, my faithful 2 readers! Thanks for sticking around. :)

This has been a busy time with Abby. She has popped her two top molars and one bottom molar, so now she is up to 7 teeth. She had a runny nose and a cough, but other than that has been healthy for some time.

We have snow! Abby enjoys watching it from a distance, or in our arms, but isn't too fond of it when she falls over. :)

Catching the first flakes with daddy

All bundled up...

Has her mamas sweet tooth - enjoying what is left of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce! Check out her hair and forehead!

At the Santa Parade with daddy

Trying to get her tights off- she doesn't realize they go all the way up. :)

My mama dresses me funny!

Helping mama in the kitchen

Reading with daddy - almost as long as he is!

Loving on the dollie that Grandma Vi made for her


One of my favs!

Have a great Christmas! Stay warm!!

xo Kim and Abigail

my dear husband is sitting next to me complaining that I haven't posted in weeks. true. so here's a quick little update.

Items of interest that have happened in the past three weeks:
-Abby popped a molar! So now she has two top and two bottom teeth, and one random on on the side. Which actually is really cute, because when she eats she shoves everything back to that one tooth to chew.

-We went to the dr for a well baby check up. Abby is 24 lbs and almost off the charts for height still. Dr said to keep feeding her fattening foods, since she is getting more active and can lose weight (her baby cheeks are already gone). I don't know how I can feed her more food - the girl eats as much as her daddy does! :)

We celebrated halloween by going to grandma's and daddy's work. Abby was a reluctant butterfly.

With a mouthful of crackers

But she discovered that she really likes mounds bars, like Grandpa John. :)

We cleaned out a pumpkin and then Logan and I ate all of the cooked seeds in about 10 minutes. Mmmm!

Abby was really interested. (insert rolling eyes here)

It was good weather and we were able to go play on the swings.

another of Abby's costumes for halloween (thanks Andy!!)

More to come, but that's a good sampling.

:) Kim and Abby
It's been three weeks of whirlwind activity.

I went to school at Seattle Midwifery to become a doula (labor assistant). I've attended one birth (a boy weighing in at 9 lb 14 oz - mama did a great job!) and am on call for another birth.

I am considering/planning on changing my office space to a location that would provide more clients, and that is taking a lot of energy (mental and physical) to get it done.

Abby is almost running, which in and of itself makes life more fun and yet more hard. She routinely walks into walls because she's not looking where she going, and has bruises up and down her shins from where she's fallen. She's trouper, tho. Still no more teeth than the original four (well, three really - the two bottom ones and the two top ones that are 1/2 in. :D)

Our adventures lately -

not sure about Ronald

ok, maybe he's not that bad. :)

Abby camoflauged on her new rug (unintentional, I promise!)


Not too excited about being stuck in a high chair (love the pouty lips!)

Learning to eat with a spoon is messy!

The best pic I could get this morning - the girl doesn't like to sit still anymore for photos! (Ignore the strewn toys in the background).

Today we are going to Jamba Juice and then the mall. I'll take my camera and one of these days I'll get another pic of Abby smiling. I promise it still happens! :0)


Kim and Abby

Once upon a time...

...there was a stay at home mama who thought, "how hard can it be to write in a blog for 30 days straight?? sure, I'll bet an expensive coffee drink that I can!".

Tomorrow, I am out $5 and some odd change for an expensive coffee. Probably a really big one, with lots of flavors and milk and multiple shots of espresso.

Tonight, however, I am embarrassed   motivated enough to do another post. So, here is my life in all its glory. (I actually just wrote "glort", which somehow seems more fitting. :) )

I have a story, but I have to tell a little backstory to get to it.

My baby girl turns 15 months old tomorrow. How time goes by.  We have been doing modified cosleeping, meaning I have been sleeping in her room, popping her paci back in and tucking her in the few times a night she wakes up in her crib. It's actually worked quite well, and I got almost 4 hours of straight glorious sleep. Then, a couple of Wednesdays ago, she woke up with a bit of a runny nose. By midmorning it was drizzling, and by afternoon she was sneezing and snotting all over. My daughter does nothing halfway, and when she gets a cold, she goes gangbusters. Which usually means I catch it as well, then give it back to her when she is on the brink of getting better, and then she gives it back to me. It's quite a lovely, drawn out process. I think I've had more sneezes and blown  my nose more since Abby was born then the rest of my entire life combined. No kidding.

So. we are doing the modified cosleeping, Abby is only waking up 2-3 times a night for just a few minutes, life is good. Then she gets this cold. But seriously, it was the worst cold she's had yet. Poor girl had bright green nose juice. She had no appetite. She wasn't happy being held or put down. The few bites she tried to eat she gagged on, and her little body was so hot a couple of evenings. Of course, since she couldn't breathe thru her nose, she couldn't use her paci, so she couldn't fall asleep properly. She could *kind of* breathe when I held her upright, so we spent the majority of three nights in a semi-reclining position (that was oh so comfy). I finally took her in to the dr, cause I thought she might have an ear infection or strep. Nope (whew), but doc said she had a lot of blisters and a very red throat. Poor sweetie. The past two days she is becoming herself again, and I really really really hope this is the last of the colds for awhile. I got the tailend of this cold, and I can't breathe and my throat hurt for a day, and I just feel so bad for her.

The last two nights she's been in her crib again. I've been sleeping in the "big girl bed" (mmmmmmmm!) and coming into her room when she awakens. I guess most babies lay in their crib and cry. Not my Abby. She immediately stands up and throws her paci and starts hollering. If we ignore her, it just goes up in pitch and rythym. So when I first hear her cry, I race to her bed, in hopes of getting there before she stands up. She's much easier to put back to sleep when she hasn't wound herself up. I'm amazing myself how I can go from a dead sleep to flying thru the room in a split second.

So, all this info for the story. It was 3 am, and Abby started crying. I went in to soothe her, and she kept trying to stand up and talk to me. She has an adorable way of asking for kisses, but it's much cuter in daylight. So, I tried to not interact with her very much (I was cold and wanted to get back into my own bed ASAP). I laid her down and tucked her in and gave her her paci, just like always. She popped right back up, grinning. I laid her down, tucked her in... she popped up again.

I was less than amused. My mattress was in there, so I decided to ignore her and pray she'd lay down by herself. Right. As soon as I lay down, her banshee wail started. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, and with amazing accuracy, was pegged on my forehead by a sticky, wet, warm paci. I ignored that (although I laughed about it later). Next came her water bottle. Onto the floor, not my head, luckily, but thrown with quite a bit of effort. Then, came the blankets. Our house is cold, as we haven't turned on the heat yet, and she has several blankets in there with her. One, two, three they landed on my legs and feet. No way - I won't put up with that.

I got up and she immediately started asking for kisses. Her little crocodile tears shimmered on her cheeks in the glow of the nightlight. What I failed to notice, failed to check for, was any of this leftover sludge/nose drainage from her cold. Let's just say that it was one of the wettest, coldest kisses I've ever experienced in my life (and I have two dogs). After the fact, she smiled at me. Sure, wipe it on mama. I wiped off what was still on her, retrieved her water bottle and gave her a drink, lay her down and she closed her eyes. fell asleep, and became my little princess again.

Sometimes being a mama is so challenging. And sometimes it just takes sticky kisses and a drink of water.

We got dressed today for a walk in the wind, and so I was bundling Abby up. She just looked so cute in her babylegs and onesie (and winter hat - thanks Chad!) that I had to take a pic of her.

Once at the playground

Waiting for Daddy to get home

I looked up to see her stuck like this. Where are your legs Abby?

At the fair with daddy

VERY pleased with the mess she made with spaghetti

Have a great night!
More to come soon (after I swallow my pride and buy a large coffee with all the trimmings!)
Kim (and Abby too!)

p.s. somehow the pics tonight can be clicked on and made bigger, but some of the print is in another color...? whatever. maybe livejournal is so dazzled with her amazing blue eyes that it's having a meltdown.